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The Harrisburg Diocesan Guild of the Catholic Medical Association is a chartered professional association of Catholic doctors and other health care workers in the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA, united by faith, and committed to the ethical practice of medicine. 

All Catholic physicians, dentists, medical students, health care workers, and clergy are welcome to join both our Diocesan Guild and the National Catholic Medical Association:  www.cathmed.org

Benefits of Joining the National CMA:

  • Spiritual and professional support
  • Receive The Linacre Quarterly, newsletters, and email updates
  • Membership discounts at CMA conferences, which provide educational and networking opportunities
  • International service opportunities in Medical Missions Partnerships

As Catholic Physicians of the United States and Canada, we come together in the Catholic Medical Association in order to grow in the spirit of Christ in our personal and professional lives, to bring His Spirit to all that is touched by our science and art, and to assist the Vicar of Christ, the Bishops, and the whole Christian community with leadership, especially with the particular knowledge, skill, and experience we have as Christian Physicians.

                                                      Who Should Join?

Active and Retired Physicians (MD/DO)
Physicians-in-Training and Fellows

Dentists, Podiatrists and Chiropractors
Anyone holding a doctoral degree in a health care-related field

Nurses and Allied Health Professionals 
Students, especially Medical Students
Clergy and Religious, and Seminarians
Anyone interested in integrating Catholic principles into health care.

If you are interested in joining the Harrisburg Diocesan Guild, please contact us for an application:  CathMedHbg@aol.com 

                                                     Our Guild's History:

The Harrisburg Guild became a chartered Guild of the Catholic Medical Association in 2009. 

Since then we have celebrated White Masses (Fall 2009 - present) with our Bishops (Bishop Rhoads, Bishop McFadden, and Bishop Gainer), Lenten days of Reflection (March 2010 - present), and summer family picnics at the Carmelite Monastery in Elysburg (August 2013 - present). 

We also sponsor events with Catholic medical students from PennState College of Medicine in Hershey: dinners, talks with Catholic physicians, presentations by priests, fellowship, and prayer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Harrisburg Diocesan Guild
of the Catholic Medical Association
Annual Promises

Celebrant: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

All: Amen.
Celebrant: Lord God, our Father and Creator, we ask you to look with favor upon your servants gathered here today to pledge themselves to your service as Catholic physicians and health care workers. We ask you to forgive their sins, enlighten their minds, strengthen their wills, and open their hearts to your grace.

Catholic physicians and health care workers, you are called to imitate Christ, the Divine Physician, to make your work His work and His work yours, to dedicate yourselves to the needs of your patients, keeping all financial and political interests secondary to the personal needs of each patient. Do you accept the responsibilities of your apostolate?

Physicians and health care workers
: We do.
Do you promise to embrace the Spirit of poverty, giving of your time, professional skill, and material goods for those in need?
Physicians and health care workers: We do.
Celebrant: Do you promise to live chastely according to your state in life, especially in regard to your patients, who trustingly place themselves in your care?
Physicians and health care workers
: We do.
Celebrant: Do you promise to adhere faithfully to the teachings of the Holy Father and the Bishops united with him, in matters of faith and morals, especially as related to the science and practice of medicine?

Physicians and health care workers: We do.
Celebrant: Do you promise to work together with other Catholic physicians and health care workers with mutual support and understanding and to bring them to the apostolate?
Physicians and health care workers: We do.
Celebrant: Do you promise to support the work of the Catholic Medical Association and to pray for all Catholic physicians and health care workers?
Physicians and health care workers:
We do.
Celebrant: May Our Lord strengthen you in the fulfillment of these promises. We pray this through Christ our Lord.
All: Amen



1. Annual Lenten Reflection in conjunction with The St Thomas More Society of Central Pennsylvania.

Saturday March 16, 2019  8:30 - noon

Diocesan Center
4800 Union Deposit Road
Schedule for day:
8:30       Sign-In & Refreshments
9:00       Penance Service followed by Confessions
10:00     Fellowship
10:15     Reflection by Rev. John A. Szada, Jr.
11:15     Holy Mass
Noon:    Dismissal
RSVP to Kate Neri  KNeri@hbgdiocese.org
2. Annual White Mass and Reception for the Diocesan Guild:  Sunday TBD (Fall 2019)   
St. Patrick's Cathedral
212 State Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Bishop Ronald Gainer, Celebrant and Homilist

Light Breakfast in lower hall following Mass.

RSVP to CathMedHbg@aol.com



Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Science and Practice of Medicine

email: cathmedHBG@aol.com

Our Guild Officers and Board members come from several parishes and counties within the Diocese of Harrisburg.  

When we formed our Guild in 2009, Bishop Kevin Rhoades appointed Fr. Dave Danneker as our Chaplain and Fr. Paul Schenck in the Harrisburg Diocesan Respect Life Office as our liaison with the Bishop's office.

Officers and Board members at the September 2010 White Mass reception with his Excellency Bishop Joseph McFadden, Bishop of Harrisburg (August 18, 2010 - May 2, 2013): 

Back row: (Past) President Dave Zelis MD, Board member Bill Bird DO, Guild Chaplain Father Dave Danneker Ph.D., (Current) President Greg Burke MD;

Front row:  Board Member Faith Daggs MD; Secretary Elizabeth Frauenhoffer MD, Bishop McFadden, Treasurer Susan Borys MD.